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Car Keys and Remotes

We stock and large range of genuine and aftermarket immobiliser keys and remotes for most makes and models, including key shells for repair and surf keys so you dont get your remote key wet or stolen.
All cars from 1996 on wards should carry a transponder chip in the key. This is the programmable part of the key that tells the car that it is OK to start.
We have a few different options
  1. Genuine Key (dealer or locksmith needed to cut and program)
  2. Standard Key (no remote but still need to be programmed by dealer or locksmith)
  3. Aftermarket Key (can be cut and cloned by any Mister minit or locksmith Australia wide)
  4. Aftermarket DIY Key and Remote (can be cut and cloned at any Mister Minit or locksmith Australia wide, DIY remote programming)
  5. Surf Key (no transponder, for opening the doors only while remote key is locked in the car saving key being damaged or stolen

This gives you the choice of what key and where you want to go to get it cut and programmed

 All you have to do is:
Chose your vehicle make from the list on your left
Scroll to find your car
Select wether you want Genuine, Aftermarket D.I.Y or a standard key from the options 
Then add to cart and go to check out.
Its that easy.